Your most fun servants to use?

Servants that you genuinely “currently” enjoy using versus most other servants in that class. They don’t necessarily have to be the best for the job, but you enjoy them for their waifu/husband/ amazing gameplay, or a mix of the three. :scathach_blush:

And something else since we have access to clairvoyance EX in the NA server, which upcoming servants do you think will replace your current favorites?:fgo_megane:

I’ll start things off. For saber enemies, Tomoe has replaced Archuria as my favorite archer. Excellent gameplay servant and as a cute waifu. She specializes in that ST Buster crit archer roll, and while had Nobu before, Tomoe has better bulk with her third skill, and isn’t limited to doing devastating damage to riding/divine. Archuria is great, but her inconsistency with her NP’s enemy NP drain effect can get annoying despite her ability to NP spam.

For Lancer enemies, Okita is probably the best saber waifu for me, but since I got her to max bond awhile back I’ve been using Musashi a lot more frequently. And she’s definitely cute and tough for general/challenge quests with high hp bosses. I wasn’t convinced at first with her 1st skill allowing her to fully charge an NP with a single card, but I’ve used it in action and wow it covers for her buster deck in spades.

For Archer enemies, well I don’t have a lot of lancer options (and 0 SSR lancers), but for the longest time Santa Lily was my go to lancer for almost everything. And recently I started getting several more SR lancers, though I definitely have a spot for her as cute and powerful AOE lancer. Recently though from using Lalter, she seems to just do the job so much more consistently than Santa Lily. I’ll probably switch around between the two of them, but the fact that I can turn 1 k-scope NP with Santa Lily without any support is very nice.

I’ll leave it at those three classes for now, but for the near future it’s hard to say who will replace current favorites. Sigurd and Beni might replace Musashi for sabers. I’m looking forward to Valkryie for lancers, and if luck permits Fujino for archers. Of course for Extra Class I see myself using Melt a decent bit, but Okita Alter definitely looks like a worthy waifu to look forward to. There might be some doujinshi artist with an octopus that I might be missing, but I’m not entirely sure. We’ll have to wait until next month for a good sine.


I’m honestly sounding like a broken record at this point, but it really comes down to Yagyu Munenori, as he is easily my favorite servant right now. I have always been in love with the Arts playstyle, and now that I have so many tools with which to enable a variety of compositions, I feel really thrilled with what I can do in the game. Munenori specifically exists as the perfect marriage between damage and utility. He’s a very precise character, and I appreciate that, especially given his lore and (in terms of gameplay) the fun and challenge associated with handling things one turn at a time.

I’m really looking forward to a tough Lancer boss that I can throw everything I have at. It’s gonna be great.

I am also looking forward to Hokusai for a lot of the same reasons that I sought Munenori, and I’m quite giddy with the hope that I will once again feel as I have post-Shimousa in finding a servant that’s just so fun to play with.


Right isn’t throwing a servant at a tough quest to test their potential the best, really makes someone appreciate a great servant. Yeah Hokusai is going to be tons of fun to use, but she’ll likely need to be NP2 to shine in her case. :hokusaiwink:

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That’s it, BB, I enjoy using her for stall, damage racing, solos, last man standing, everywhere… I love to use her after all, I’ll probably replace her with her Summer from if I like her as much as her OG form, or else just class advantaged servants. Her party refund of 20% battery along with her own excellent NP generation gives her 35%+ NP gauge after she uses her NP, absolutely fun to abuse. I can keep tama’s arts buff at almost 100% uptime when I run both of them together, so 1.5 modifier for NPs, you get a berserker-like damaging NP, when used against berserkers deals above 200k damage very easily.

Also her animations are excellent to look at, I’ll probably never get tired looking at her hopping to the enemy… Her NP is at normal speed for me, so… Ahh, I just like her too much.


My wallet is ready :fgo_buster: I hope she likes 1500 shiny quartz


Would you like to donate to the “Poor Girl Needs Hokusai” fund? :fgo_deadinside:


All I can offer you is a good luck fellow Hokusai roller :fgo_jeannu:


Oh BB is amazing, I have her at 10/6/6, and like all her skills are broken. But her first skill is broken heal. I run her sometimes too, and with Tamamo and Waver she can fire off an NP every other turn, its ridiculous.


Yeah no, I cant whale that hard. Maybe like half of that, and a prayer that its enough for two copies. With that much quartz you might even get NP3.

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Yup, she’s just over ridiculous, she’s a really good welfare, I don’t even know how dw made her a welfare in the first place.

I can cycle NPs from getting fired off in that team, my highest was 16 turns in Halloween rerun CQ, not a single NP was fired and I cleared it in 16 turns…

I’m hit the like limit so let me come back and like it after 30 mins

I’m not complaining. Getting her was my first major goal in the game, so much so I rushed through Solomon just to participate in SE.RA.PH… and it ended up being my favorite time playing this game.

BB is love, BB is life. :fgo_bbgrin:


Good luck to you too then :hokusaiwink:

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Yup, cuz I would have cried if she was a gacha servant, I’m really thankful to dw, just a bit surprised since you know, first welfare was Halloween liz… we did get dds but a teamwide 20% charge is too broken because a single arts chain can net upto 50% for the other 2 servants, and she doesn’t have gimped NP generation for that…

Yeah with Tamamo, BB deals heavy damage to all classes not named Ruler. And against Avengers with a BG, Tamamo, and Waver she can do over 300k with her NP.

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kek, I used BB against amakusa in nerofest CQ, she demolished him in 2 turns, 2 NPs. Class advantages be damned. :smiley:


Herc. I don’t care if my roster got so good that I didn’t need him anymore, I’m still using him everytime I can.

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You absolute madlad, I used Kiara for that quest.

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That’s how fun to use servants are after all.

Madness of another degree is clearing KH’s CQ twice, let me repeat it, TWICE without command seals as well. This was using BB as well!

More power to you lol, I couldn’t even do it once. That quest was bs.

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