Your Pokemon Go horror stories

So lately I failed a hundo darkrai. So I thought to myself: it could be worse. So I want to see how bad it could get!

Having your favorite legendary fleeing 6 times in a row…
No joke, this happened to me. At that time my dex entry of Kyogre was literally “Seen 6, Caught 0”.

A dude on Discord I declined to trade with because he acted crazy acting crazy on Discord because I declined the trade.

Sounds like there was some discord on your Discord.


Recently i’ve been using twelve (12 !!) TMs to put FUTURE SIGHT on my old Alakazam.

Because you know, FUTURE SIGHT is a way better move than his legacy PSYCHIC.

Then, a week later…



Pokemon GO Draft Community banned me from their discord permanently because I named a Hydreigon after the magazine that kickstarted the Rwandan Genocide. Yes, that one.

Not really horror but a looong period of “oh come o ooooon!!!” :slight_smile:

I spent months and months without a dynamic punch user in my fighting squad, bar one Poliwrath. As soon as I got 2 CTMs, I used them on a Machamp and it always yielded the same result: first heavy slam, then close combat again. And Hariyamas? The first three I got, including a wild evolved form catch, all had heavy slam. I actually renamed them “HariyaSteel” to remember not using them for fighting.

I kept raiding Machamp (not very, very hard though) and evolving high CP Machop until, finally, I got one DP Machamp out of evolving a high CP, average IV Machop (I was out of good IVs Machops…). And a while after, I got a streak of 3-5 DP Machamps out of raids. Finally \o/

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Same here. Have a 15/13/13 Lucky machamp that I can’t get dynamic punch on. Stuck with close combat.

I was battling a gym when a tall white man, who seemed drunk, ran towards me, shouting: “You just kicked my Snorlax!” followed by threatening profanities.

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Submission 2:

Playing in the Chimchar Community Day while also having to take precaution for holes in the brick roads and also random people with black shirts running out and ruining your weekend.


A fantastic day at the park. :sunglasses:


Hong Kong much?


HK in Chimchar Community Day is chill.

I’m there personally, can confirm.

Urban/rural/suburbs difference I guess. My nearest train station has been “renovated”, and tons of sand holes and that nearby.

Groudon’s first shiny release I had 90 shots at getting a shiny before I got one. Was boosted, but 10a/15/10. Since then been a good idea to just play everyday w/o trying too much bc ok play when you’re bored BUT you should never be that bored.

lol that’s it? There are better perfect pokemon that could flee from you.

Mine is when there’s a gym that I want to take down and the Blissey owner just keeps feeding it Golden Berries so it’s a waste of time to keep going.

Welcome to Singapore.

excuse me I would quite like to go to Singapore

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Had a friend who lost his lvl 31 account some years ago due to loosing the password to a google account (without any safety net).

Myself? Not so bad.
Deleted two shiny Pichu right after the introduction, those were very hard to tell a part from normal. Several hours in cold winter days spent on trying to take down multi-accounters feeding gyms. In one of my first raids ever, in -17, I got a 100% tyrannitaur, it ran away, have not got another. The first 4 months with Ex-raids all but one I got invited to was in remote places I had visited some weeks ago. Had given my top MM 98% Metagross a 2nd move, but TMed away MM by mistake. But that is all peanuts compared to loosing an account.

Just saying, that was my most recent fail. My worst fail ever was encountering a shundo groudon and my phone dying immediately. No charger on me