Your Post-GilFest Goals and Accomplishments

Well everyone, it’s almost the end of another lotto. There is no doubt that those who have farmed hard will likely have some reason to celebrate whether it be levelling servants, levelling skills, or saving up much needed QP, mats, or embers for future servants.

So how has GilFest’s rewards impacted your account?


Imagine keeping track of all the random skills you leveled while you were bored.

But what I do remember is that every Gold servant I have is max level with at least 4/4/4 skills now and I’m 2 Servants away from having everyone at FA.


  • saved embers to get Shiki to lv100.
  • Arjuna 4/4/9 -> 8/8/9
  • Santa Altera 9/9/6 ->9/9/9
  • Fujino 4/4/4 -> 6/6/6
  • Skadi 10/8/10 -> 10/10/10
  • Oh and Waver from nothing to max, ofc
    Among other things

Who are the final two?

Phantom and Darius


  • Finally finished leveling Waver’s skills to 10/10/10

  • Leveled all other gold servants skills from 1/1/1 to 4/4/4

  • Fully leveled up roughly 10 new servants

Thanks to the community and particularly @jakeyb for the amazing 3T GilFest spreadsheet and @mathewsachin for FGA! GilFest would have not gone so smoothly without them :slight_smile:


You meant to tag @mathewsachin


The only servants not at max level are my duplicate taunters so I’m back to the old saturation point.
I’ve raised a bunch of skills so everyone except my Avengers is at worst 4/4/4.
My most used servants are getting close to 9/9/9 or better and other useful ones are at 6/6/6+.
It feels pretty good and that I can start relying on servants I have been keeping in reserve.

My QP is close to the Cap so I’ll continue leveling skills.
A shame I haven’t got all the materials I want but fortunately X-mas 2020 will provide them.

The number of times I’ve tagged @Arti instead of @ArtificialSky when relying on it to just know what I meant


or @Jake instead of @jakeyb :fgo_lipburrito:


I will never run out of Mana Prisms ever again after 150 boxes of goodness.

What’s really funny though is that, according to the Servant Planner, I STILL NEED MORE PROOFS.

The Holy Farming War continues… :fgo_casgilworry:


That bitch who stole my name smh my head

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I actually do @Blue6840 instead of @bluebell ALL THE TIME



-Raised a ton of servants from 1 to 80.

-Skadi became 10/10/10.

-Many of my constantly used servants are now above 7 in their important skills.

-Summer Nero is now 10/10/10 :fgo_umu:

Goals not reached:

-Grailing Tamamo and Nero. Raising many Skills is super expensive, even after opening around 80 boxes.

-Not finishing all challenge quest. Taiga, X Alter -chan and Nero’s quest were super hard for my current skills. The others were rather easy with my battle-of-attrition mentality. God bless Stall and finally killing everything on last turn when the conditions are met. Enkidu surprised me against rice man, Nitocris was the start against Leonidas, Sanzang triumphed over the assassin, and Heroine X prevailed against beautiful Moolah.


Hehe, those two aren’t FA for me either for the same reason.

I got plenty of leveling done, but I’m mat locked in a lot of places I’d still like to work on. Most of those will be answered by Christmas lotto, fangs, crystal, claws, feathers…and bones if I decide to work on altera. Most other skill are waiting for pages despite the 70 I farmed after summer… So I’ll be back in hyde park every dead week from now until Christmas I think. At least I’m not rushing the bonds of as many servants as possible for sq farming like I was before Waver’s banner, so I’m going to use anyone that I want and revel in it.

Also only at about 300mil qp after 130 boxes


Well… I now have 30 Servants at Max level instead of, like, 5…
And I have a lot more leveled than I did before, with passable skill levels.

…But despite the 280 boxes worth of Embers, the majority of my roster is still below lvl 50, and I’m mat locked for the higher priority Servants, so farming more EXP is going to be counter productive.



I needed so many before this started, then I summoned Gil and that added another 161.

At least when I have the same problem with fangs in Samba Night Lotto, I won’t have more incoming servants who need fangs for a while. I’m rolling for Bradamante, so I’ll be back in proof hell.


Post Gilfest, these are the only servants on my account that aren’t max Ascension/Max Level. Bunyan, Ishtar, George and Leo are extra copies i kept at low level for utility, so they don’t count.

I need bones in very large quantities for these guys, but from now on my mana prism income is gonna improve as i no longer require large amounts of EXP cards. In the case i get spooked, my second archive has 400 gold embers stored and Quetzmas’ lotto and its infinite bones will just about guarantee i’ll finish the job started on Gilfest.


About skill levels… The list of improvements is way too long, the most notable are Skadi (10/6/10 --> 10/10/10), Parvati (6/6/6 --> 10/10/10), Penthesilea (6/10/6 --> 10/10/10) and Yagyu (1/1/1 --> 10/7/7).


101 Boxes.

Very, very satisfied


160 boxes leveled up all my 1-4 star servants to final ascencion,Made all my 5 stars 10-10-10.

So yeah this event was everything I needed.

And currently have 156 golden apples and 120 silver ones so Christmass here I come.

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