Your Preparations for CCC?


The long awaited grinding event is about to start in a week.
As a preparation I’m about to raise my TamaCat, thinking a Berserker can’t be that bad. Especially with an AoE-NP.
Besides that I’m gathering QP and Mats for BB so as to raise her as fast as possible, though that’s just a sidenote.

Also, are you planning on doing the event with the EXTRA-Servants only?
Because I WILL try until the point it fails. :sweat_smile:


Of the bonus servants that I have (OG Nero, Emiya, Nursery and the 3* and lower), the only one not maxed is Emiya, as I only got him during the last GudaGuda event. I’ve also set aside a nice stock of Golden EXP cards for BB, so I’ll be able to level her up as soon as I get her and her ascension mats. This is assuming I don’t actually get any of the Alter Egos from the gacha, so I’ll have to be a bit more creative should that happen. And as always, I’ll keep up the full bonus squad as long as I can.


There isn’t much prep for me to do honestly. I haven’t pulled new servants in a while so most of the ones I’ve got are fully leveled. Skills of course is always a work in progress. Should have enough exp cards for BB to max her out. So no worries there.

I’ve got a decent amount of event/Extra servants so I’ll certainly try to make good use of them in teams and not just slot them into the back end for bonus drops. Going into it with Nero Bride, OG Nero, Vlad Extra, Lancer Liz, Drake, Tamamo Cat, Nursery Rhyme, and the 3* servants. So I should have enough flexibility.

Just taking it easy really. It has been non-stop farming for a while. So I’m using this dead week to…basically do very little.


Just grinding embers everyday. So boring. But I’m stocking up enough to max Melt and BB right away. My stores were completely depleted after GudaGuda. Melt will pretty much face-roll the event so I’m not too worried. Looking forward to farming something new though!


Not a lot to be honest. Bride, EMIYA, Robin Hood, Liz, Vlad, Cu, Nursery, Tamamo, Hans, and TamaCat are all ready to go, thoug Nursery’s skills are still at low levels.

I’ve also got over 300 4* Embers in my present box ready for BB and, hopefully, Kiara.


I only have Gil, Tamamo, Umu (still leveling her) and Hans as bonus servants (Robin, Cu & Lu Bu at lvl1).

Also not doing anything in particular to prepare for CCC, which makes me a little anxious since some are prepping seriously.

Got 0 embers left, so I’ll be relying on the shop. Also don’t have mats for BB’s skills. :feh_nino:

Currently just farming mats for my servants.

And not planning on rolling at the upcoming banner, unless I got some spare ticket or sq.

I’m taking it waaay too easy. :fgo_deadinside:


I have leveld Vlad to 80 and I’m finishing leveling Emiya to 80. Their skill will not be good however since don’t have the mat need (to 5 max ). Will then stock all the ember need to lvl BBas fast as possible and will try to gather enough mats for her. The best will be to have enough to have her third skill to ten.


I’m leveling Emiya and Tamamo Cat. Got Emiya from a yolo ticket on the first GudaGuda banner and had Tamamo Cat for quite a while but never really needed her leveled before. I have already done both their Interludes and Strengthenings, taking advantage of the 1/2AP, so I will basically spam Embers until the event starts to get them both to 80 + ideally Tesla to 90 as well. Any leftover Embers will be for BB and potentially Lip/Suzuka/Melt if any of them graces me during the few rolls I’ll do on the first CCC banner. I still have 200 Embers in my gift box from both GudaGuda events as well.


Farming embers and training grounds to prepare.
I have a set of 5 extra servants max levelled for the event. So, i am good for sakura chips.
Tamamo caster, Tristan, Emiya, Cu, Vlad III Extra.
Hope to get Melt which i have embers for.

Side activity is getting some extra quartz from the interludes of 1 star servants who i haven’t bothered to level. eg. Matahari etc.


Farming embers for caster Tamamo, the skill leveling is too hard - need QP and materials. Apart from her I have max leveled and skills at atleast lvl 6 for Emiya, Emiya Alter, Drake, Tamacat, Nero OG, Liz, Shuwen, Nursery Rhyme, Cu and Hans.
BB will be raised using event resources, will throw some tickets at the gacha for some CEs.


The only preparation I’m doing atm is pretty much just raising Gil. I’ve invested heavily into Emiya anyways, and Robin is at Max level as well. That being said, it seems I only have archers for my bonus servants lmao. Ah well, we’ll see how the event goes. Do have to farm some more qp in addition to embers though.


I’m just farming ember and QP all this time. Saving embers for BB and possible gacha draw later.


I’m currently raising Amakusa, especially his 2nd and 3rd skills, so I can fight BB without breaking a sweat. I don’t have all the decent servants with bonus damage, so I will depend on my zerks, Squirtoria, and Musashi to wipe the Alter Egos. As for BB, I think I’ll postpone the QP and Mats required to raise her.

Doing the event with EXTRA-servants only is… a bit too much. I need Mash for the last fight against KIara, so I don’t think I can’t finish this event without her.


So much prep. Tamamo is basically maxed but I pulled Gil, Bride, and (somehow) Karna in these gachas, plus Umu.


Bride: 90, 4/4/4, have mats to 8/8/8 her but need QP.
Gawain: 80, 5/4/4. As maxed as he’ll get for a log whole.
Umu: Lv. 1, haven’t touched her and probably won’t for a while.

Gil: 90, 5/4/4. Have mats to 8/8/8 him but need QP.
Emiya: 80, needs RUQs, 5/5/5
Robin: 90, 10/10/10
Emiya Alter: 50, needs chains.

Karna: 50, will raise to 80 because I need hearts
Liz: 40. Need to farm fangs but plan to max ascend to do her RUQ
Vlad: 40. Needs proofs and chains. Double eww.
Shuwen: Lv. 1. Haven’t looked at him :see_no_evil:
Cú: 70, 4/6/4, too bad I never ever use him ever.

Tamamo: 90, 10/8/10, will max with the seeds + pages + lore from this event. :)
Hans: 65, 8/8/8 (almost 8/9/8!)

Lu Bu: 70, needs RUQ
TamCat: 80, might try to 4/1/4 her today.

So…off to farm teeth, chains, embers, and lots and lots of doors.


Hmm, it’s time to look current roaster.

Nero Lvl 100 (8/10/8)
Nero (Bride) Lvl 98 (5/8/7)
Li Shuwen Lvl 70 (4/4/4)
Cu Lv 70 (5/5/5)
Robin Lvl 60 (5/5/5)
Hans Lv 55 (5/6/5)
Tama Cat Lv 70 (7/4/4)
Lu Bu Lv 60 (1/1/1)

I’m okay :fgo_umu: :fgo_judge:


What I don’t like about BB and Alter Ego is that their mats need are expensive as hell. It’s twice the amount of a normal class servant…For BB I don’t know ho w I’ll do it to have one of her skill at ten (and the other at one :fgo_dshy: )

My Emiya is 76, 4 lvl left and then this fucking quest strenght

Then BB ember + mats all the way (will maybe even use some silver apple for it )


Caster gems have generous drop rates in the Friday training grounds and all of her mats were available in Meiji Restoration, so if you cleared the shop and farmed the event you should only be short on rider gems! Better get farming those tomorrow. :)


No need to go hard on BB skills straightaway. Especially if you’re using apples, you can get by on 1/1/1 for a bit, skills are something you work on over time ubless you’re planning ahead. Just start the embers.

If you want to level skills just focus on her 3rd skill for now

save your apples for the actual events in case you get busy or even better yet save them for lottery box events like Nerofest and Xmas. That way you’re stockpiling qp and gems at the same time


Yeah I have good amount of material from Meiji but… not caster and rider gem :fgo_badciv: Especially the rare one and you needd 14 of each for one skill ! One skill. This is madness :fgo_illya:


Well I’ll probabl just try to lvl up her third skill for now and anyway will probably have to wait the Umu Fest to have all max yes :)