Your Pride And Joy

So, the question is, who is the servant you are more proud . The one you show off all the time. Not simply for gameplay, but becouse you really like him and you are glad he / she came home.

For me, for exemple, my pride and joy is my Jaguar warrior.
It took a while, but now she is such a fearsome tiger.
Level 90, Np5, !0/10/10.
Worth all the material.
Now she can fight on par with my Quetzalcoat, they are rival after all

p.s.: special note to my Cleopatra, i am so happy she is on my chaldea.
Edit: since all of you are posting the immage of your pride, i kind of have to, or as the author of the post i would lose credibility o.o


Sanzang i bring her with me in pretty much every fight and while i need to work on her skills ill still bring her along and i love her for her personality and gameplay.


I find any excuse to bring her along which unfortunately between her one skill waiting for an upgrade, her zerker class, and no skadi it can be difficult at times.

Also I like artoria and when I found out one of her clones is a Star Wars reference I had to get her (800 quartz which hurt so much). Also I like glasses cause personal taste. Lastly I really find her personality funny as hell and her 3rd bond line where she just, as she puts it, is doing image training making lightsaber noises cracks me up every time I hear it


She’s my favourite servant and partly the reason why i love this game so much, i plan on grailing every Jeanne counterpart.

Gilles would be proud.


does “every Jeanne” include her siblings?

also, tricky to say for me, given I pretty much always change teams based on the quest. though my Kiyo probably fits the closest description. if only because with some exceptions, I pretty much always have her in my support. despite having other arguably better Zerkers to slot. granted, ones like Waver and Jalter also apply to hardly ever being removed, but they have much more obvious reasons as to why. meanwhile my lancer slot typically bounces between Kiyolancer,Liz, and Lartoria

have actually debated on grailing her to 100, but a) lots of other servants I’d like to grail, and b) would take 10 grails, which is quite an investment

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Yes all her siblings included. Jeanne and Jeanne Alter plus Santa Lily/Jalter Summer and Jeanne Archer.

I’m not sure if i’ll bring the two welfare to lvl 100 since it takes 7 grails each, but if have enough i’ll do it.


Well, given that the story is still going on and events keep coming and coming, I guess at some point you actually will have enough Grails to bring all of them to 100. It’s just a matter of time.

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I mean there’s definitely far more than enough in JP, if I’m not mistaken

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10/10/10 np2. My pride and joy!!


I like my alters. :slight_smile:


(Tempted to show off screenshot as well) First Emperor.


Everything is for Babers Alter

If I wasn’t busy trying to get quartz and apples from other servants, she’s been bond 10 ages ago.


On NA it’s Liz. Not just lancer, but all of them. Right now Lancer is the only one at level 100 (and max bonded), but I plan on getting all the welfare versions of her grailed to 100 as well.

On JP it’s both MHXX (she’s the only reason I have the account) and both of my Ushis. Rider is currently halfway to bond 11, and I’m working on getting MHXX to level 100 first (since her extra class automatically makes leveling her a bit slower.) But soon all three will be max bond, level 100.


My Kuro, Sanson and Brynhildr.

Kuro is at lvl 100 and Sanson on it’s way up there (94). Brynhild is just fine as she is at 90. I’m really proud and glad to have her, given her rarity, and her performance has always been the best. Never let me down. Bond 10 already so I don’t field her so often. Kuro and Sanson are both Bond lvl 9 but since recently it’s been all about farming and grinding, I haven’t taken them out yet for some quests.

For the future, though. Anastasia. I’m really awaiting her despite I’m still starting to save. If she comes, I’ll be happy as heck.

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I’m always looking for an excuse to show them off, at every given time lol. Even with ‘better’ Archers, Billy sits on my support list forever. And I’m never changing Enkidu from his seat, either. That includes in my team, too, even with Bond 10.
Billy is lacking those three grails (soon, my son… let me collect that QP first) and Enkidu needs a few more bond points, and some mats to max his skills. Nonetheless, that doesn’t stop me from being proud of my absolute two favourite servants in FGO.

(The only thing I can say is that I wish Enkidu’s NP level could be a bit higher, if only to brag and feel even prouder, since I was planning to go all the way to at least NP2 with him, but his only copy took me way more than I was planning to spend on… so all things considered, he’s still my pride because he took me so much)


Ah, Taiga…still one of my grail-candidates…

…albeit I’ve chosen to max out another:

Won’t have much QP left once I got ma’am to 100, but…<3

Leaves another 7. And I am warming up to the idea that those might go to Atalante once she chooses to grace my crew.

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I’ve mentioned this on here a few times but for me it will always be Medea.


definiely ecchan. grailed her to 100. totally saved my ass back in saber alter challenge quest when jalter failed to beat her lol

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Feels redundant to post these, but eh :^)