Your SQ Will Return to the Sea as so much Foam - it's the Summer 2022 Part 1 Roll thread!

Forget the Waifu at home, Master.

Illustrator - White (/Shiro) Font

Vowing to save all living things, Kiara returns to bring alternative enlightenment to the masses with her new The Little Mermaid fangirl derived power ups and enters the fray as one of the top Arts loopers. So confess your troubles to her and offer up your SQ for a taste of her mercy and compassion.

Her girlish love of Hans’ (not so cute) fairy tales is out in full force - with her swimsuit plainly baring her influences close to heart - but she dislikes Hans, and certainly has no tsundere traits. Alas, they don’t make clamshells in GG and so our Summer Saviour has had to settle for pendants.

Illustrator/Summer version Designer - Wada Arco
Seiyuu - Tanaka Rie

Through hijinks for this Summer she’s shifted to a slightly more protective Lawful Evil - something she claims to be the influence of becoming closer to her FGOverse self. Let us never forget Best Therapist (RIP 2017):

Illustrator & mangaka - Kengoro Nishide
Source - official SE.RA.PH manga adaptation

Not to be outdone by Kama, Kiara too has acquired a form for everyone’s taste:

A seemingly innocent girl turned genki-onee-san

Illustrator - Murakami Yuichi

Illustrator - Nima

A slightly possessive dominatrix police officer (who genuinely offers 10 years in horny jail for lusting)

Illustrator - Hood ( 후드)

Illustrator - Salmon88

A lewd mermaid/giantess

Illustrator - Hanada Isogen See the animated version in the link

Source - Uncredited Lasengle Artists/Wada Arco

Illustrator - Nair

Illustrator - 青魚

Other offerings this Summer include:

A loli Magical Girl

Illustrator - 空豆ぴくと
Copyright infringement of Kama’s shtick courtesy of ‘anything she can do, I can do better’

And a less angry & fatalistic wife

Illustrator - Steaming Tofu

Okay, for real this time

Waging kaleidostick turned water hose turned water canon war comes (Prisma) Illya, here in full Season 2 mode. Not content with getting her own spin-off, she takes revenge on a certain Saber having an actual Stay Night route by stealing her Summer theme.

Ilustrator - 下浮イズイ (Xiafuizi)

Illustrator - Hiroshi Hiroyama (pixiv)

Saber isn’t the only OG in danger, (s)Malter fans beware:

source - Prisma Illya S1 (feel free to name the KA if known)

Sporting a sparkling bedazzling Noble Phantasm befitting a magical girl, many Masters ask themselves “Why isn’t this art on the Caster version?!”

Illustrator - Hiroshi Hiroyama (twitter)
Seiyuu - Kadowaki Mai

Illya may not be as well loop purposed as Atalante, but like Sei she has a superior kit and cards. A great combo if you’re happy to use face-cards/crits and aren’t fully addicted to Arts 3 turning!

Castoria sad the lolies aren’t Arts:

Illustrator - 此処豆腐 (Tofu is here)

Finally, trading Valkyrie school uniform for the most fabulous summer dresses of the season, Kaiba Sigurd’s wife returns. Madness Enhancement D- more insane, and yet less murdery with her beloved.

Illustrator - Miwa Shirou
Seiyuu - Noto Mamiko

Illustrator - 桔平爺

Joining team ‘Megane kiran!’ she pairs up with her true husband in her Noble Phantasm, harvesting the salt power of in-denial cherry boys. Fear not young cherry, for she offers rainbow buffs to all her beloved! Yes, that means you too!

Illustrator - 夏岐

She can be paired with your male(?) of choice, and as a Buster Berzerker enjoys functionality with Gong – whom she also provides Arts up to. Those wanting to use her in more traditional farming teams could use her in place of Arash with the good tactician.

Who would win, one Blue-eyes White Kaiba or Mystic Doomhorse?

Illustrator - ベップミツナカ (Beppu Mitsunaka)

And not to be forgotten comes a rare treat - a limited gacha Craft Essence worth rolling!

For Craft Essences this banner features the wonderful Honey Lake, offering big mixed damage for those of you who acquired Yang this year, or who have some burn CCs just waiting to be put to use. It also works with the event welfare’s NP - Summer Yu.


Think imma try to roll for at least one copy of honey lake but skip kiara…would be nice if she came first though


I’ll just roll for Bryn (unless she sucks on the story).


Note I will post a separate (unbiased) gameplay discussion thread for Summer Kiara - with some infographics if possible. Feel free to fluff it up before the banner goes live next Tuesday/Wednesday.


Don’t you worry, she makes sure to come first.


going to try rolling my tickets on Brynhild’s solo rateup for her and see if Kiara also shows up she probably won’t but it’d be nice. If neither of them show up, that’s fine though :feh_nino:


MLB Honey Lake for me, and whatever else happens, happens.


I’m probably gonna dump the rest of my quarts on kiara’s banner so I have a solid arts looper for the lotteries this year on my alt, then save the rest for maybe douman but certainly muramasa and space ishi next year. I also need honey lake for my Yang.


They are within two weeks of each other. Spishtar occupies the same space as Summer Kiara too (neutral damage looper). I’d advise you focus your investment into one of S.Kiara, Spishtar and S.Kama and either go for Muramasa alone or drop him for Spishtar.

Yes I have Spishtar and am rolling S.Kiara, don’t be me.


Side note: I’m not getting Honey Lake specifically for Yang, because I will usually prefer BG for her if using a non-event/non-bond CE without starting charge.

It is, however, one of few Ignore Invincibility CEs with full ATK, and you can do some wacky shit like put Burn CCs on your facecard attacker of choice and exploit this special attack mod while bypassing invuln and evade gimmicks.


I am on the Hook for honey lake but I also like Kiara, hopefully she shows me more mercy than Castoria did.


I’m going for 5 copies of honey lake. I’d the lude nun/mermaid decides to pop in that would be nice.


On my alt, I would have around 6 months of space to save excluding douman, and from what I’ve read, summer kiara is kinda weak at np1 so it would have to be np2+. Regarding muramasa or space ishi, like I mentioned earlier on another thread that if you only want one servant who can do pretty much any card type, all you would need is a invested space ishi, two card supports of your choice and Oberon (super scope also). But as of right now, I don’t even have a heavens feel or BG on my alt, so I really need at least np2 S.Kiara. That would cover 90% of my farming for the summer and the upcoming lotteries. And since my main is pretty well stacked with np3 mini-Vinci, it’s fine. If I roll, that’s fine, if not, that’s fine too.

But my alt, is the main thing I’m concerned with right now.

Your post said you were rolling for her then saving for 2 Servants that are back to back, one of which does the same job as S.Kiara.

If you meant to say you are rolling on an alt and saving on main, say that not:

Again, if you’re rolling S.Kiara on an account for lotto etc then invest deeper in her rather than swapping to rolling another looper from scratch - or flat out don’t roll her as ‘placeholder Spishtar.’

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Honey Lake is the main target, and personally id rather my statistical SSR spooks to come on this banner (why is Honey Lake on the female only banner?! :fgo_alterasnarl:). Then again brainless farming went underappreciated until recently
(unwanted mUSAshi is working hard) so np2 kiara will probably avoid the second archive/incinerator unlike multiple copies of the rate-up SR

An ocean that is.


The anni quartz are going to kiara first for sure

And maybe if I get her I’ll go for summer Tomoe next since the next banner I’m planning on is Vitra’s


Sorry. let me clarify.

My main concern right now is my alt. On the above post when I mentioned muramasa and space ishi, I was talking about my alt, but was also thinking about my main by accident. Sorry.

So can someone point me to the Bryn roll thread?


Yeah I was expecting some info on Ilya and Bryn in this thread too…