Your Stupidest Reasons to roll for a Servant

That’s how I used to do it when I first started playing. Whenever I got 30SQ, I would always roll on whatever banner happened to be out. It actually worked pretty well for me. I got Jeanne d’Arc, Francis Drake, and Okita Souji. Ironically, the first time I ever actually saved up SQ was kinda incidentally. I took a break from FGO and would just logon for the streak. After a while, I started playing again and realized I had a good bit of SQ stored up and that the first Summer event was about a month away, so I decided to go ahead and start saving up for it.

That first summer event was pretty crazy for me actually. I used 90 SQ (pretty sure I got a login bonus when the event was starting) and the first ten summon I got Francis Drake and Summer Mordred, the second ten summon I got Archuria, and the third ten summon I got Martha Ruler. With some of the tickets from the event I got Summer Marie, so I got every summer servant I was interested in getting.
(No offense to Kiyohime, Tamamo and Anne&Mary fans.)
That was one of the main reasons why I kept to the non-saving tactic for so long.

Saving for that Summer banner worked out really well for me. On ~240-270SQ, I got Tamamo Shark (now NP2, but only NP1 at the time), NP2 Kiyo Lancer, SurMo (now NP2, but only NP1 at the time), Yuri Pirates Archer, and Saint JoJo Punch-a-lot Martha Ruler. Too bad I’ve never come anywhere close to replicating that success since then.



Literally did the exact same thing, lol. Man I can’t wait for Reines and Lolivinci.


No stupid reasons. I mourn my not having obtained who I rolled for in any and every instance, not the reasoning.

Dumbest reason? Well, it was during new years on Musashi’s first banner. Had too much to drink the night before her banner dropped. Woke up still well hungover because I needed to pee and noticed my laptop was open with FGO still on and was on the title screen. Rather than closing it and go back to sleep I decided to press on and noticed I got my 50 day log-in reward putting me at 30 sq. Saw a hot saber was on rate-up and decided to say ■■■■ it and rolled. Got her in that one pull. So far best decision drunk me ever made.


rolled on once/twice in a while on story banner in a very stupid and unrealistic hope that I get lucky and get Cu Alter ever since I wasted my merlin stash on his rateup banner last anniversary. It was my first time to fail rolling for a certain unit and I still haven’t recovered…

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stupidest reason? I don’t even like current banners (save for Ozy, which I already got with this month’s tickets), but then, seeing those SQ bonus piling up (90-something), I decided to roll again on story banner (because it was Sanzang’s solo rateup that day), hoping Ozy would spook. He didn’t, not even a single SR, but I got enough to make 2 NP5 Diarmuid :upside_down_face:

so, my stupidest reason is I just can’t see that many SQ piling up. I don’t have enough mental fortitude to save quartz, which is why I applaud those who managed to save up +100 SQ for their waifush​:clap:t2::clap:t3::clap:t4::clap:t3::clap:t2:

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You know, that is a legit reason to roll. I play a lot of monster hunter, and let me tell you this, some nerds may gush about armor stats, but the real endgame is designing your fashion hunter armor set. I spent a few days grinding parts for an Emiya/Chloe cosplay armor set, and not once did I ever regret it.

you do you, and don’t let anyone stop you and your quest for cool shoes


Well, I didn’t get her, but when Jean Alter came out I legit rolled like 90 SQ because I wanted to put her on my support slot and just not level her to pour salt in people’s wounds when they failed to get her. I like to think It’s what she would have wanted.

Of course now, since I’ve gone through the story, I actually love her now, and will sincerely roll for her on her next rate up


I’m sure you know this already, but that’s an incredibly shitty thing to do.

That’s probably why they didn’t get her.

Not really, that was around the time I actually started playing for real. I was low on mats, everyone on my support list was under leveled, I only had a few event CEs, and we didn’t even have messages on our friends list at the time, at worst, they would have thought I was stuck in QP hell, and moved on to one of the many other players how had her at level 90 with max skills within hours of getting her.

Not really. There’s a general consensus to put lower rarity but higher level servants than a lv1 5*. It is considered a taunt and nothing gets you unfriended faster than doing that.


Well, that’s a bit sad, when ever there’s a new banner, people on my friends list usually swap out for the new hotness of the month and celebrate on their master message that they got their waifu/husbando, Didn’t know that was considered toxic, I’m legitimately happy for them when they’re that excited considering how the game usually goes

Well, if that servant is a double event bonus drop servant and you don’t use the back line anyway… Then I wouldn’t consider it it a taunt at all, just short on materials.

Rolled on story summon again after I got Waver there, hoping I get CasGil.

And that is how I ended up broken hearted and just rolled on whatever banner is running so I don’t get a Presi-king again :joy:.

Honrstly the moment i get more than 3 sq my hand itches to roll. If i recall correclty i used to do story banner a lot until like halfway through singularities.

Also yeah 1 level skill and low level gold servant on a support list is a big no from me. For example i put 10/10/10euryale as my archer instead of gold ones because gold ones have 5-6 level on each skill and it looks ugly

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Something similar to you when Jalter was on rate up I wanted to get the new Death dagger CE so I rolled quite a bit trying to get it MLBed and ended up getting NP2 Jalter by the time I got it.