Your thoughts on old Cav units in Arena?

I’ve got “B” and “R” Dual Cav. fodder sitting in my barracks and I’ve been contemplating who to give them to. I don’t have any 5 Star Cavs in my project queue, so my considerations have only been F2P units. My main hesitation for committing to anyone is whether or not F2P cavs are even relevant in Top Tier arena against the current meta.

Would love to hear thoughts/opinions and see what builds people run (if any).

Here’s what I’ve been considering for my fodder.

Open to thoughts on these builds. Kempf and Eliwood obviously serve very different purposes.

The stats are essentially their whole kit activated (except for Kempf’s ‘cause I clearly missed his).


@supersoren and @TwoHitsOneCup for Rein and Kempf knowledge.


I would say Eliwood over kempf, since kempf really thrives in AR and doesn’t need the duel.


Lol yes he does


Kempf > eliwood imo

Reinhardt is the immortal unit who never dies from the meta


Well he does if you want to use him in arena, my point is just his place is more AR


His chip dmg and flash are good in every mode

Especially as more and more units negate follow-ups and just do everything in their power to annoy the :poop: of you, kempf gets better and better at annoying them back


Kempfs a lot like reinhardt

He’s another immortal unit who’ll never stop being useful


Oh the irony given his hatred of Reinhardt


Now you sounding like Soren


Im not gonna sit here for 10 hours yelling at everyone that every unit that isn’t reinhardt is trash

But reinhardt is by far the best aging unit from gen 1 and venin edge is one of the best weapons in the game


OG Sigurd has aged really well. I fully merged him so there was never a need for Eliwood for me.

Kempf will forever be useful

Reinhardt held the crown in this game longer than anyone else and can still be useful.


That Eliwood build wrecked me today in AA. :feh_setethcry:

Reinhardt on the opponents team is usually a free win for me because he doesn’t hit very hard without an actual A skill. But I guess he’ll be decent in player hands.

The windsweep build on Kempf won’t kill anything, so you should be prepared to get him out of harms way after his attack. Although the flash effect is very useful to enable follow-up kills from his allies.

I would probably give the fodder to Rein and Eliwood tbh but it depends on the rest of your team.


I would say the best way to use these units is hit-and-run, but I’m not sure how helpful that is with how hostile some maps are towards cavs. My biggest concern is team composition for these guys. Might be good to pair with a near save tank and support. Example team: Ashnard, Benny, and Eliwood. Use Eliwood to kill 1 or 2 units that would give Benny trouble, retreat to save range, and use Ashnard and Benny to survive the rest of the team. Might be better with a ranged save tank as Eliwood prefers to engage against melee foes for consistent galeforce procs.

Other notes: probably would be best to swap out the Rouse for a smoke skill as arena forces you to be adjacent to allies. Panic smoke would probably be the best option. Reinhardt would be a good option as well, but not having galeforce hurts.


Thanks - I appreciate the input.

For team comp, I’ve found that having a Far Save tank is pretty mandatory for T21 - there are just too many cav/flying range units in the meta right now. So I agree with the hit-n-run idea. I only have a Far Trace option for Reinhardt; if I forego building him, I could give the Spd/Def Near Trace from Ashe to Eliwood or Kempf instead.

The problem I keep running into is the likes of F!Edelgard: I essentially need a designated counter for her on each team. A!Fjorm is my Far Save tank - I currently just bounce her between seasons. She can’t take F!Edelgard, and neither can my Legendaries (Claude, Corrin, or Dimitri), so I keep finding that my third slot needs someone who can take her out… which leads me to the roadblock with cavs - are any of them worth it if they can’t help with countering F!Edelgard?

The reason I included Kempf was because he could possibly help with downing her due to his weapon and kit. But that would require the rest of the team to be able to down her in one turn…

Tricky balance. Otherwise, I agree with your suggestions.


Build B!Eirika then. Canto in weapon, and a kit near perfectly designed to kill F!Edel. Without surge sparrow she won’t heal afterwards, but she’ll still get the kill.


She’s obviously the best counter - but you’d have to use her in every season (and have her fully built to begin with, which I don’t :sweat_smile:).

I have considered her as a project… but I also have too many blue units built and she’s not really a favourite. We’ll see.


Well I suggest having a unit with armor effectiveness and NFU is kinda the mandatory kit to deal with F!Edel. Petrine would be a good option, since she has beast effectiveness, targets her weaker res, and if you get flow refresh you get the NFU for cavs, so if Kempf attacks Edel then Petrine would finish the job.
If it doesnt need to be cavs there are more options available.


You have quite a few options to deal with her easily.

Most practical: hit her with a sweep, ohko her after while her DR is down. Give L!Claude windsweep and thanks to his Prf NFU he can still double.

Easiest option: Minninnes with times pulse. Ruptured sky would be the best, but it’s not necessary since any special he procs will ignore her DR.

Easy way to ohko after DR is down: Nino/Tharja or OG Miccy. Any bladetomes can easily get strong enough to ohko almost anyone really, and OG Miccy with her refine can actually use a sweep herself since she has built in follow up (sweep and Prf cancel out and left to a Spd check to see if Miccy doubles while the foe cannot.)


Honestly F!Edel in high arena isn’t as scary as she could be, since that also means no bonfire. Still a pain in the ass, but not having to deal with instant bonfire makes surviving initiation so much easier.