Your Thoughts?

Your Thoughts on my Dancing Berkurt ?

But he’s a dancer.

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Def/Res bond 2

Jk it’s a fine build, just be careful of anyone who targets res, he will melt.

Figures, may find some help with that.

If he’s gonna tank res, he is gonna need berkuts lance + a res refine.

Brazen and Breaker are eh
Might go Atk/Res bond

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Already have res tank

Make sure you turn on your IVs

Show me the Res tank.

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Don’t use Breaker Skills with Brazen Skills


Either u take out Lancebreaker and replace with QR
Or u take out Brazen Atk/Def and replace with Atk/Def Bond

Also upgrade that Def/Res Bond pls :angrynino:

Nino, Julius, someone for u to cook tonight @Kepic_Z_R

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