Your Top 5 Favorite NPs

I’ve been thinking about this for some time and out of all the NPs I’ve seen so far, my favorite ones are the following five*:

  1. First Hassan
  2. Suzuka Gozen
  3. Nero Claudius Caster
  4. Meltryllis
  5. Penthesilea

So what are your top 5 favorite NPs? May it be, because they’re epic, funny, cool, beautiful, amazing, whatever.
I limit it down to 5, because there are a lot of great NPs out there, but the list shouldn’t be endless.

*) Explenation as to why I like those five in particular may follow later on.


1: MHXA. She’s a waifu Darth Maul.
2: Chloe. The way she turns and snaps her fingers just seems really cool to me. (Tamamo Lancer has something similar where she waits with her parasol open, but the way it does the freeze frame thing while she’s going for the kick makes it seem like my phone is skipping)
3: Helena (Archer). Summon your fleet of UFOs.
4: Shiki. She kinda reminds me of some of the takedown animations in the original Mirror’s Edge.
5: I’ll think about it.

  1. Suiten Nikkou, Amaterasu Yano Shizu-Ichi
  2. Tokonatsu Nikkou - Hiyoke Kasa Chouai I-Shin
  3. Mukushiki - Kara no Kyoukai
  4. Yuishiki - Chokushi no Magan
  5. Ars Almadel Salomonis

First 4 because of waifu reason. Last one because David Interlude reminded me of that dead guy again

I didn’t order these, but:

• Katsushika Hokusai
• Asagami Fujino
• Achilles
• Qin Liangyu
• Osakabehime
• Sherlock Holmes
• Medusa Lily
• Saber Fran
• Ereshkigal
• First Hassan

  1. Merlin
  1. Abigail

  2. Hokusai

  3. Murasaki

  4. Fujino

  5. Yu

Most recent NPs are incredible though so it’s hard to choose 5, also i didn’t include him but Karna’s new NP is also really amazing.

Just realized my list doesn’t include a single NA servant so i hope you meant overall lol


In no particular order, because I don’t want to try ranking them right now

Quintett Feuer (complete nuke, and the lore behind it is cool)
Hippogriff (charging in on such a badass creature will never get old, especially in Extella Link)
Enkidu’s Enuma Elish (has a speech more divine than the targets it stuns)
Ars Almadel Salomonis (come on, how could anyone not love this one?)
Knight of Owner (with renewed animations, because the NA one is bland currently)

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An Gal Ta Khi Galse
System Keraunos
Vasavi Shakti

There can’t be two opinions. This NP is the best NP ever. A masterpiece. Unrivaled.


From those that I have seen, in no particular order:

GoetiaArs Almadel Salomonis: Power incarnate. The sheer scope of this NP and how it relates to the story is simply amazing.

B BC.C.C.: Her theme playing during the attack plays a large part of my love of this NP. I love how the NP starts with targeting a servant as her menacing, yet playful theme plays along with it. Also it’s great that she restores everyone’s NP gauge.

ChloeKakuyoku San-Ren: Similar reasons to BB. The animation is slick and cool. Her cute and heroic theme that plays along always sells it for me.

Emiya AlterUnlimited Lost Works: Ominously beautiful. The one bullet as things fade to darkness while Emiya recites his creed builds up the mood. Then the aftereffects of the bullet are great. Especially since it looks similar to Kiri’s Origin Bullet.

Yan QingJuumenmaifuku Muei no Gotoku: This guy just busts out a fighting game super combo as if he’s the master of hand to hand combat. The combo and speed is awesome with the final glowing hand touch. Just because of his NP I was going to level him. A shame he’s such a difficult servant to use.


Tons of great NPs, but I’ll just limit to 5 as requested.

  1. Jason
  2. Jason
  3. Jason (it’s technically 3 attacks, right?)
  4. Hokusai (both Saber and Foreigner)
  5. Moriarty, since I haven’t seen it mentioned yet

1.Ereshkigal’s np. -Because it’s Eresh, and I love her
2.Merlin’s np. -It’s pretty and it’s op. What more could I want?
3.Jason the Argonaut. -The entire thing is a meme. I hate his personality, but his np is amusing
4.Gil’s np. -Idk why, his voice sounds really nice when he’s saying his np lines
5.Yan Qing - NGL, I like his animations overall. I think I’m biased cuz I’m Chinese.

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His animation is so clean.

I’ll make a proper list later. Just wanted to give props on the Moriarty love.

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The pick in NA for me:

  1. King Hassan
  2. Musashi
  3. Archer of Shinjiku
  4. Raikou (Berserker & Lancer)
  5. Emiya Alter

For JP

  1. Beni-enma
  2. Jason
  3. Hokusai (Foreigner & Saber)
  4. BB (Summer)
  5. Murasaki

Some honourable mention

  • Fujino
  • Mori Nagayoshi
  • Okada Izo
  1. Excalibur Prototype
  2. Excalibur (seeing it in the Anime is what definitely sold it for me)
  3. Garden of Avalon
  4. Ionian Hetairoi
  5. Excalibur Galantine

Honorable Mention: Clarent Blood Arthur ( I so want her animation update to come because it gives the passion back to her phantasm)

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In no particular order…
Unlimited Blade Works -Emiya
Chronos Rose - Emiya Assasin
Zabaniya - Hundred Personas
All Excalibur NPs - Alitrias
Verg Avesta - Anra Mainiiu

I know the Excalibur NPs are bland but I really like seeing a flash and then all the big numbers from the lancers I’ve decimated.

Speaking of bulli, I’d be remiss not to mention the Ibarocket:

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1.Sanzang seeing her looking serene just for a brief moment only to have two palms ready to buddha palm them to death along with the first hit comes from her hitting you while shes riding her cloud and then procceding to Hit them rapidly with her palms with the final palm strike sending them crashing onto a mountain is just perfect.

2.Emiya Alter oh i just love seeing him loading up a bullet and then just shooting one at some poor soul and then watching as that one bullet hits them with a blade shooting out of their gut with even more shooting out and with the the final blood splatter really makes it a gruesome sight but its one of the best to behold.

3.Archer of Shinjuku the first part where he just leaps over some rooftops and we can barely see him in the shadows with him just shooting the living hell out of someone with bullets missiles and even more bullets with a final shot being a massive headshot up close and personal just makes it a sight to behold.

4.Mashu Kyrielight i love seeing Lord Camelot from seeing mash preparing herself to use it to see the pristine walls of camelot represented in her NP just makes it perfect and seeing it from our kouhai makes it better.

5.Meltryllis seeing her running up to them and procceding to encircle her target in a swirl of water while attacking them repeatedly with the grace of a ballerina with the final strike being a single kick afterwards just makes me enjoy the sight.

Note: yeah im a sucker for NP’s with one final finishing strike to it

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Mine would be:

  1. Void Shiki (Amalavijñāna: Boundary of Emptiness) - Animation and Shiki’s breath-taking elegance aside, I find her NP’s concept very profound and reflects what and who she is at her core.

  2. Qin Shi Huang / Ying Zheng (First Emperor - The Beginning Domination) - Despite the shoddy English translation similar to the NP of a certain tsundere Avenger, the Emperor’s NP screams absolute authority of a ruler. I’d personally put in in a tie with Void Shiki’s.

  3. Consort Yu (Eternal Lament) - a heartfelt, yet ironically beautiful, expression of her agony, longing, and loathing in my opinion.

The rest are more or less based on the animations aesthetiques it has:

  1. Skadi (Gate of Skye)

  2. Okitan (Zekken: Mukyuu Sandan)

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From NA:

  1. Cu Alter: It’s simple and to-the-point. I especially love the stab at the very end.
  2. Moriarty: I just love the thought of an old man jumping down to the streets of London with a giant coffin machine gun
  3. Melt: I really like the water, the spinning, and the final slash at the end
  4. Maid Alter: She looks awesome with her motor bike
  5. Ishtar: Throwing planets is fun

From JP:

  1. Hokusai: Everything about her NP is beautiful and they did a fantastic job keeping the style of his artwork in her NP.
  2. Karna (after his animation update): They really went all out with his NP and mad respect for the animators. I almost cried when I saw it :sob:
  3. Godjuna: Best part is when Godjuna looks down on his enemies in his mini universe
  4. Benienma: Her NP is absolutely adorable and I love it when all the birbs yell yay at the end
  5. Jason: His NP is hilarious and he’s a fantastic NP looper too, so I’ll be seeing his NP many times :fgo_buster:
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