Your Top 5/Top 10 Favorite Servant/Master Designs(In Anime, Manga, LN, VN, FGO)?

I’m not sure if this topic has been done before but let’s give it a go :fgo_ereshwhat:

I’m going from 5 to 1 from least favorite in favorites to most favorite.

This is not character favorites but more of favorites in their outfits/designs.

  1. Proto Gil

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I prefer this armor to F/Z, I just don’t personally care for the big shoulder part of the armor from F/Z. I also like how he actually uses a bow, because he’s an archer. I also like the approach by giving him more Mesopotamian/Sumerian influenced outfit. His noble phantasm is one of my favorites as well. It’s called (I’m pretty sure) The Surge of Utnapishtim(summons floods over seven days with his swords named Enki).

  1. Proto Arthur

Another Prototype version, but I just really liked his design, both in casual and in his armor. I also like the ornate design of his Excalibur. Overall, design is one of my favorites.

  1. Female Hakuno

I just wanted to put in a master, because she’s my second favorite master after Rin. Anyways, overall I love her design in the extra series(especially the extella link fit. She’s also strangely relatable(besides the fact that she’s an AI, which I’m not).

  1. Salter(Especially Shinjuku Fit) :fgo_saltersmug:

Overall, I will admit I like her design much more than I like normal, uncorrupted saber. Her shinjuku outfit is my personal favorite of all her outfits/designs. I just like how it’s a new twist on her normal outfits and she’s my favorite Saberface personally.

  1. Ereshkigal (best goddess, fight me) :fgo_ereshlove:

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I love her design. Enough said. I love the color scheme as well(pinkish-red and black + gold). She’s best goddess, so she deserves number 1.

Honorable Mentions



I just like Emiya in general. I like how he matches Rin as well.


I like fate’s interpretation of Enkidu from the Epic of Gilgamesh. It’s an interesting twist, and the “fate lore” about Enkidu is really interesting as well. Also just to add for no reason, fate made them rather pretty.

Caster Gil (because he’s my personal favorite as a character as he’s best girl) :fgo_casgilworry:


It has similarities to his archer form, but still I like that they put a twist to really differentiate how much his trip to gain immortality changed him. I prefer his final ascension, with like the golden robe thing attached to his normal coat(idk what it’s called lol); but the other ones are good too. I personally like his establishment(idk the real name) summer outfit. It’s my favorite summer outfit(and of his casual outfits).

This is for literally no reason but I’ll list his best casual/other outfits:

  1. Establishment(?) Summer outfit
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s called “Immoral Biking Jacket” - but UBW/HF Casual Outfit
  3. It’s not casual; but Festive Robe from Fate/Extella The Umbral Star
  4. The outfit that is so impractical and weird that he literally “banished it” ~ the red outfit from F/HA



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Don’t have Pictures but…

10 . Tohsaka Rin: Favorite Female Master
She reminds me of my Little Sister in that she’s sassy and independent she also is the most expressive Fate character in my opinion.

9 . Emiya Shirou (Master not Servant): Favorite Male master
Really awkward character but he develops nicely, honestly he and Rin are interchangeable and I love their chemistry

8 . Gilgamesh (All): Favorite Antagonistic Servant
Gil is very cool and I love how he’s so sure of himself in UBM. Personally him getting an Alter that is Kinder and less Abrasive is a little Pipe Dream of mine but If Emiya and Cu can get an Alter so can he.

7 . Emiya (Heroic Spirit): Favorite Archer Class Servant
You’ll see a lot of characters from UBM on this list as That’s how I got into the series. Emiya is ridiculously cool and stylish in UBM and I love the way he Passed away in that series, I don’t have experience with his Assassin or alter forms so UBM Emiya made the list.

6 . Sherlock Holmes: Favorite Ruler Class Servant (Sorry Busti)
I may not have experience with this servant but he is so cool looking from what I’ve rented of him. If I was a master in a fate series show I’d hope he was my servant. also BBC’s Sherlock is one of my favorite shows.

5 . Altria Pendragon/Arthur Pendragon (Prototype): Favorite Saber class Servant
These two are essentially the same person from alternate dimensions so They share a Slot. Altria is a phenomenal and overprotective character in UBM and I imagine Arthur is similar if not Identical in personality as they are as I previously mentioned essentially the same person.

4 . Ereshkigal: Kawaii Goddess character
From what I’ve seen on Fate/GamePress Eresh is a widely beloved character and I want to summon her someday but all in all she looks super cute and would like to see her voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris.

3 . Jeanne d’Arc: It’s Jeanne what did you expect
After completing The Orleans singularity I fell in love with Jeanne as she is so cute at times but she’s also serious and I appreciate that in a character.

2 . Honorable Mentions: Mash Kyrielight and Nero Claudius

1 . Unoccupied Slot
I’m still very new to the Fate series so I don’t have a Be all end all favorite character so for now This is an empty slot

With that I’m signing of,f Toodleoo


Paracelsus: because sometimes a nerd just needs company in the lab

Ryouma: love the white suit and hat. Oryou’s contrast in black is perfect

Lancelot: every girl needs a knight in shining armor, and somehow his glitters extra brightly :sparkles:

Kojirou: love the traditional Japanese outfits. Okita’s new costume is an honorable metion.
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Arash: that smile… You just can beat that smile and heart of gold


I like how you set up your comment better lol. I like the whole thing about favorite female/male master, favorite archer, favorite saber, and so on.

Also Gil alter would be amazing.

I just randomized some numbers for attack and hp but here you go lol:

Don’t worry about favorites lol. I’ve been into fate for like 3 years and its hard to pick your favorite.

My favorite is Gil because he’s best tsundere.


Sorry, couldn’t pass on this opportunity :D

As for the favourite Servants design (tbh, I’m too lazy to post a wall of text with pics about all the favs), I’m still waiting for this to become reality:


Ooo… This is hard to figure out… and I’m not sure I can just rank them, but…

  • Hakunon in Fate/EXTRA is definitely one of them. I don’t really know why, but my favorite part of her outfit was always the fact that her jacket is just a liiiittle bit too big, and her sleeves cover half of her hands.
    Again, no idea why, but I always found that endearing.

  • Shinjuku Salter. I just love her entire ensemble, and I want that hoodie!

  • Tomoe Gozen, especially her First Ascension. I’ve always been a fan of the traditional Japanese look, and her first ascension hits a lot of my favorite style choices, especially by not being overly decorated. I’m also a fan of beautiful red eyes, and her’s definitely are.

  • The Arctic Combat Uniform for the female MC. I get that it’s completely impractical for it’s stated purpose, but it’s relatively simple, utilitarian, and it’s black! What’s not to love?

  • Ereshkigal’s Third Ascension. Very tasteful, while also unique. The gold provides a nice accent, while the red and black are balanced perfectly. Plus the Red Eyes, again.




yes. Hakuno Matata.

That’s actually his/her last name but was never mentioned, because Hakuno supposedly existed i think but it never mentioned her last name.


It’s only revealed in the ending, when she learns that she doesn’t need to worry


Too hard really to choose five that I like more than other…I do quite like Altera design and Okita’s one but also like many other.

It’s easier for me to say those that I don’t like.

However, I can say for sure than I like sqome artist more than other for example Rin Kususaga art are really good (Rama and Atalante illustrator) because he has hiw own style :


Favorite Female Master: Rin

Rin is by-far a really good mage(the whole proficiency in all five elements) and she’s a good balance to Shirou.

She has her seriousness and I’ll admit her insensitive side(as seen in Heaven’s feel), but she has a comedic side as well. She’s also bad-ass so that’s a plus. She’s the most relatable to me even though my sister is not full of worms like hers lol.

Favorite Male Master: Ritsuka Fujimaru ~ Boi Version

I like that he’s almost the most relatable because my life hasn’t been tragic or weird af really unlike Shirou/Sieg/Hakuno. I’m kinda not joking but Ritsuka literally found an ad telling him about this. He’s kinda useless but that’s relatable at times. Also I really liked him in Babylonia so he’s my favorite male master.

Favorite Saber

True Saber(Only saber tbh) from FSF

Richard the Lionheart

He’s funny and relatable at times. I also like his design.

Favorite Antagonist-ish person from Fate series: Kirei Kotomine

I liked him in F/Z, even though he’s a complete sociopath, he made the story really interesting. He’s my third favorite from F/Z.

Favorite Lancer

I’m tied between Enkidu and Best Doggo Cu.

images (9)

Anyways lol.

Best Girl

It’s difficult but Ereshkigal. 2nd place is probably Medusa(especially her in Spring song ~ made me cry ngl)

Best Boi

It’s even more difficult but of course it’s one word. . .


I’m stuck between Caster Gil or F/E CCC Gil; both are equally good. Since I’ve never truly played F/E CCC for myself, I’ll pick Caster Gil.

One reason: Fate/Extra CCC GIl is dumb af LMAO:

I don’t know if you’re joking now or if its true lmao. I only played parts of Fate/Extra.

Fate/Extra’s protagonist is canonically named Hakuno Kishinami. (Regardless of which gender you choose.)

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I wonder if they have like “fate fandom names” like RItsuka Fujimaru is called either Gudao or Gudako?

Well… the female version is frequently called Hakunon, but other than that, not really.

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Scroll up. I already shared. :upside_down_face:
Literally the 6th reply in this thread.

Oh sorry. I’m dumb I saw it 2 hours ago.

  • Best mastah Hakunon - I liked the uniform, but Extella LINK’s ready for action Hakunon is a breath of fresh air too. I would really want to take home one of these if I can.

  • Gil - The full gold armor is nice and all but the topless Babylonian attire fits his setting more. A majestic king on a throne is always one of those motifs I always admire if done well.

  • Anastasia - gives off the clean, elegant, regal and mystical feeling. Ice powers as icing only adds to her design.

  • First Hassan - I’m also a sucker to incarnations of death. He’s intimidating, imposing, and powerful. The storm of feathers in his NP seals the deal for me.

  • Karna - Despite his design being avant garde from first glance, black and gold always go well together. The dash of red from his cape and his white hair accent his design nicely. Doused in flames and he shines. Super Karna’s cool too.

    Karna  _ Tumblr



Let’s just pretend the hideous white robes from Extella don’t exist, and stick to Extella Link’s combat fatigues.


Ah yes, that one. Won’t say its that horrible but it’s so forgettable that I only remembered of it with your mention.