Your typical fodder question

I have an unused W!Tharja and want to fodder CC and VF to W!Cecilia, my current Grail project.

  • Fodder
  • Don’t fodder

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Cecilia is a good unit
Use her
If you aren’t using your tharja just fodder

Send home for 1k feathers :ardenwoke:

just fodder
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Hey! That’s my title! >:(
Unless you like Valor skills, go for it. :birbpeek:

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Ok then


Seriously though, I also want to merge W!Cecilia, but need some CC for her. So I’m looking forward to Takumi coming in week 7 of the banner reruns.

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Gamingbro has a Cecilia
He says she works pretty well so Dewit

Enemy phase Winter Cecilia can be pretty good, and her weapon works well with it. :birbpeek:

I like bold fighter or special fighter better tbh but if you’re foddering, you may as well grab vengeful fighter too

Yeah, it’s just I have no Special Fighter at all, and my only BF units are H!Kagero with large investment, +Atk W!Ephraim, and +Atk +1 B!Hector.

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