Your worst summon session (or whatever you call it)

So for some reason I randomly wanted to create this and basically talk about everyone’s worse summon session ever (basically summoning till you stop).

So I’ll start with mine, the banner was the 6th universe step up banner, I mainly wanted the Super Kaioken Goku (a unit I had a lot of fun using). I was up to the 3rd step and went to the final step with the free 10x consecutive summon. I didn’t get a single sparking, mostly hero units and some extreme, with only 5 of them being something somewhat okay.

However since I had the sparking assist ticket, I thought it would be fine, even if I didn’t get the unit I wanted.
So I used the tickets and who do I get?

Yel Sparking Paikon… at that point I was done with that banner. Because out of 51 summoned characters I got one sparking that is unusable.

So that’s my worst series of summons in Legends. Anyone else want to share one?

I had two(one in either of my 2 accounts) really bad experiences. I spent 15000 cc on ui banner, and now jiren has a mere 3 stars and toppo has 4, no ui and some useless units at 7 stars
The second one was the latest gogeta banner. Spent 10000 and didnt get gogeta (obviously), but hey, at least i should have got at least some worthwhile units, but the ones i got were really useless, baby and super saiyaman are at 7+1 stars in the acc i tried to use for god ki team

While this is not nearly as bad as other summons I’ve seen my worst was probably on the Champa and Vados banner. I had just gotten back into the game when the banner was ending and had around 8k saved up from story, event, and pvp grinding. EVERY single multi had either super kaioken, red pikkon or both from that banner. The pikkon is 8 stars and the goku is 7. While this is lucky in comparison by the time I was done I hated both units.