You're Welcome (Binding Forma)

This is provided that you are willing to fork over more than 50 USD of course

At the moment, there’s no unit that fits the requirements that I want enough to spend that much money on


I might actually want to copy your Velouria @Dragginz I know yours is pretty well invested :feh_flaynfish:

Don’t delete me from your FL :feh_morganagrom:


When the event happens, I’ll try to be active in responding to requests on here. Already have a number of them from other sources so I’ll be swapping my lead around a fair bit.


Here hoping for a free one, one day, so i can use it in the distante future, after a Green Rearmed tome and a resplendent, to cap DFs and rework my OG Soren kit :relieved:

Also, if anyone wants my Caineghis or my Young Soren just ask! They’re probable my best performing units


Did they announce the price and what comes with the package, and I missed it?

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It wasn’t announced. It was datamined

Pack price is 54.99 USD

It comes with a lot of Orbs but that is a STEEP price, IMO. I wouldn’t buy it unless there was a unit I was DYING to get a better build on, and there simply aren’t any that fit that requirement


I have a +5 Caineghis that is missing 5 dragon flowers, that would be another good option for me. I don’t know if I have you in my FL :feh_eirikathink: Young Soren is a bit too young for version 4 I’m afraid :feh_ikecry:


For those who are curious as to what unit they should pick and/or what unit they can receive, here you are:


:feh_sigurdeyes: :feh_barstpog: :feh_doublelion:

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These are some of my version 4 and prior units with really nice kits that I can offer (since DF are maxed out anyways) That I wouldn’t mind using as my lead unit for a while:

Sothis, W!Sothis, D!Ephraim, F!Byleth, B!Edelgard, Nagi, Naga, L!Leif, Larcei, Naesala, B!Lucina


I’ll just keep Julia as my lead and swap to Spd/Res Menace on her

I have scarcely any units with fodder worth $55

For those who want these here are my four most valuable units:

I’ve got OG Micaiah too but she doesn’t really have much while Dimitri is fairly more valuable just as a unit. Nothing amazing but for those who are wanting a strong and pre-built unit here you are. Bonus for Arena scoring fodder.

Send me a message or @ me to change the lead. Currently leaving it on Micaiah. Also I tend not to add too many people so I’m probably not even on a quarter of people’s FL here. If you’re interested I’m more than willing to help out.


That was the best bit for me. I’m hoping I’ll can fine a Legend Corrin to get another merge, more than her base skills and all flowers in one go. Then I’d just need 2 more merges to +10 my first legend or mythic. Obviously dozens of other units who I’d love take advantage of it for but she’s the goal. She’s hurt me so much but I will damn well finish her.

Will also be making sure my lead is someone that may interest others once the time comes. I imagine there’ll be an info exchange and requests thread come the event anyway.


Thinking about starting a thread specifically for that. I’d keep it monitored and as clean and tidy as I can but I’ll wait and see on what happens.



It could also be good for side projects you’d never have the resources to spare for. My most used and best units have (near) max flowers in all cases and good if maybe a little old kits but there’s always others I’d love to invest in. Top option being Olivia but a launch dancer needs everything she can to be useful and 5 points in every stat from the 25 flowers is included in that. But I’ve got this in my friends list and a +9 Olivia waiting on a resplendent.

One premium orb pack and I’d have the same bar the ascended trait. No orbs needed for fodder nor the 2000+ infantry flowers.


oh i forgot the version requeriment! :feh_facepalm:

Here’s my Code, and my Caineghis just in case :raised_hands:t2:

(When the Mode arrives i can change DD4 for the Spd/Def stance 3 i got from Fjorm for extra free skills)


That would be the very kind of thing I’d hope for.


Aaaah of course! Here it is:

In general, i accept friend requests from anyone here, specially now with the extra space (i can’t remember everyone i already got bc my memory sucks sorry 🥲) <3


Here are some valuable leads I can provide:

(Also has Fury 4, Sturdy Impact, Atk/Spd Solo 4 for A)
(Also has NFU and Spurn for B)
(Also has Time Pulse and Atk/Def Menace for C)

(Also has Distant Stance, Mirror Impact and Atk/Spd Ideal 4 in A)
(Also has Dragon Wall and Dragon Ire 3 in B)
(Also has Def/Res Menace in C)

I can probably think of other units with interesting fodder, but these are the 3 main ones for now. Don’t hesitate to message/ping me if you’re interested by any of these. I’ll change my lead accordingly. Also, don’t hesitate if you want a particular skill. You should be able to find my FC in my profile.