YT! Olivia Help

Sooooo, I summoned three sky Olivias during my FEH lifetime. Two were +atk and one was +spd

When I got my first two Olivias, I kept the +spd one. Now, the +atk is back, sending me hidden messages. What should I do? Is +atk better than +spd?



There’s never a reason to go +atk on a dancer not named Micaiah or Reinhardt


Definitely speed

Atk means she gets baited more for ARD. And that aside, spd helps her both offensively and defensively, and makes her more futureproof


Galeforce Reyson and Ishtar likes Atk.

But yeah, speed. Unless you’re going for a galeforce sort of build like a madman, I suggest speed (which is still good for it)


Okay. I personally like my dancers with Atk ;) but i love Combat Dancers.

if she were a one off - +atk.
but since you have her merged - go +spd.

I’d still take +spd on those tbh

Ishtar isn’t that fast enough to quad everything and Reyson doesn’t want to miss a potential double. Although unlike dancers such as Azura and Silvia, he needs to run Heavy Blade instead of Flashing so atk can be helpful since his isn’t the greatest. His main Galeforce targets should usually be weak stuff though, since he’d struggle to even get the kill sometimes


Atk is generally the least desired stat for dancers not running Galeforce with some exceptions :cat:


Because the best iv ive gotten was atk,im atk.

She can kill something if she needs to but she doesnt see much battle outside of dire because her sword is mostly a support tool.

I’d say shes better of going speed just to avoid as many doubles as possible.


She attacks too much at 53 (+10)

So for her 2nd time around I’m giving her Spd (+4)

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