Yune, Micaiah or B.Ike, who is better for magical tanking?

I am building a team for my Midori. She is +def/-res, which is great. She is good at physical tanking, but blue mages/dragons are nukes her. I have Yune and B.Micaiah, which are both have great res with Micaiah being with 40 with her weapon and Yune with 37 with her weapon. My Micaiah is +atk/-hp, so she has only 33 HP, and my Yune is +atk/-spd, which make her weaker by 5. Micaiha can debuff the enemy, but being with only 33 res isn’t that great for taking. I will use them to atk to, but more to hit blue units. I have B.Ike too, which good for tanking, and he is +3, but there were sometimes that magic users killed him even with his refine, he has only 21 res. I will try to pull for B.Lucina because of both Midori and B.Ike. I have Bramimond, but I don’t think he will be good like the others at tanking.
Which of the units should I use?
Thanks for helping me!

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Micaiah gets my vote. Her PRF B and Duel effectiveness are handy even disregarding her great magic tanking.


Are you looking for an AR tank, arena tank, or pve tank.

also, who else in your team for reference?

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I think pve is what I need for now. I will try to get B.Lucina, if I won’t get her I will give someone IR and probably use regular Micaiah for blue mage. I will use yt Olivia or L.Azura as my dancer

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Defenetly micaiah , she just powercreep yune and ike still need buffs for tanking mages


I’ll say this:

Bike is a really good omnitank. Really really good. With support, you can easily make him tank things he should most definitely not survive, like Lys and Lilina.

However it seems you want midori to tank physical, so the additional unit needs to tank res. Bike tanks physical better than Midori due to mitigation, but doesn’t shine in res tanking. So i’d say hold out on Bike unless you want him as the team’s main focus.

Yune vs. Micaiah is an odd unit debate though. Both tank blues but lose to reds due to low hp, and both have different utility. Yune can be very offensive while still maintaining a res tank, and her unique skill in a less contested spot than Micaiah’s. Micaiah can oneshot most effective targets easily, and can support others with her B skill.

For you, i think Micaiah is the best choice. Predicable easy ploys, easy oneshots, and team support via the ploys and ground orders allows her to shine over Yune’s hard to predict c skill and somewhat lesser weapon effects.


For pure magical damage B!Micaiah is the best

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He said it all.
B!Ike is a better all rounder though especially so with B!Lucina.

You could also build an Echidna and be able to omnitank with an easy-to-merge unit :feh_bkhaha:

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Yeah, I will do this when I will have more copies. I have only 1 copy now.