Yup,it’s official

I’ve definitely overdone it. :confused:


Wait, why are only 2 out of 3 stars unlocked for the budding talent thing?

also teach me your ways


I’ve mostly trained him out in the field rather than talking to people around for Faculty Training,so that’s why.

A LOOOOOOOOT of patience. :thinkinglikelukas:


#NoSwitchClub :tooobin:

Also, howdy! Long time no see, didn’t know you took a break.


Yeah,sorry about that,I made a topic yesterday on the reasons why I’ve been gone.

Glad to see you again! :hridexcited:


I’ll check it soon :thinking:

Right back at ya. Rest of the week is free, so I can spend some time here :flaynsmile:

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Is this a spoiler

If it was,I would’ve put the spoiler tag.

I’m kidding, I say that to basically every 3H post :tooobin:

You are playing in normal aren’t you?

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And are you thinking of using that levels in NG+ or you just did it for fun? :feh_rein:

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A little bit of both.

I pretty much put everything at C+ (C for all the movements) but then,just decided to eff it and maxed out everything.

He’s just gonna be that versatile.

Also, you mastered classes in the procces right?

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Of course.

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One part of me want to do a normal run for giving A rank or more in every masteries to every chara but then I already find the hard difficulty easy (and kinda boring) so I fear the normal difficulty will be even more boring…

I need to finish my actual run to try Lunatic. I’m expecting an uberly OP DK!


Well,one thing that helps while I’m doing this is to put some music in the background,or listen to some Youtube videos/podcasts to keep my mind occupied while I play.

Maybe that can help in your case?

Although,this might prove difficult with your familly around,especially your child.


Yeah I can rarely be free more than 30min straight… I think i’ll do it after my Lunatic run for making after a full cavalry/Flier run!

A Shame we can’t get more than one boot …


Wow ! That’s impressive !

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