Zoomer Cynthia

After having finished upgrading my Odd Tempest 3 seal last month, and getting lucky with free summons this month, I had a bunch of fodder that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

Then I thought:
“What if a flyer…could move three spaces…but like, all the time?”

The result was this build:

The combination of Cynthia’s Clash effect, 3-tile movement and Canto provides fun (if not groundbreaking) movement shenanigans.

As a quick demonstration, I brought Cynthia along for a Voting Gauntlet match.
Right out the gate, she can secure a kill:

Luckily for me, she can also immediately retreat from Sigurd’s 4-tile range (which the game helpfully does not highlight).

On closer inspection, Cynthia wasn’t actually in danger here - Sigurd would have needed 5-tile movement (or a ranged attack) to hit her.
To my knowledge, there isn’t a ranged unit with 4-tile movement (yet).
But if they had been present, Cynthia would have still been able to escape.

On the next turn, she can Reposition Edelgard:

And then again immediately retreat from Thrasir’s range:

Does Cynthia have the powercreep needed to kill every unit she dives on?
Absolutely not!

Did I just dedicate both a C skill and a Seal slot to mobility effects that newer units get for free?
Yes, I did!

Was this worth the resources I invested into it?
Maybe not!

Did I have fun doing it?


That’s the most important thing.

Nice to see her all kitted up. I +10ed her last month but she’s just got a super cheap kit.


I like this build! It’s far more self sufficient compared to relying on allies getting injured so you can warp. The flow trace skill is also a great choice, helping with player phase and allowing for hit and run strats.

I honestly need to make more fun builds like this for my units. I just tend to save all my fodder for building arena units.


Since this do be a video game, the most optimal builds are the ones that optimize fun.

You are winning because you’re having the most fun :D