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The Tellius games are my favorite in the Fire Emblem series! My favorite character is Ike, and my second is the Black Knight/Zelgius.

I love me some Fire Emblem Heroes! I’m currently on my second file after deleting my first file that I played since launch. I deleted that file after Legendary Female Grima came out because I felt I needed a break, and returned around the time of the second ever Halloween Banner!

My favorite units to use are Legendary Ike and Brave Ike (Brave Ike’s weapon refine was great, now do it for Ragnell IS -_- ), and I have them on team with Fallen Ike and Resplendent Ike, all with 10 merges! I have Zelgius maxed out too, obviously. My flying beast team is also amazing, it has helped me complete the entirety of chain challenges, and has saved my ass countless times in Aether Raids!

And I guess that’s all? I love to speculate and make commentary on this game, so let’s all have a good time!