Jeanne d’Arc Alter

“If there is a God, surely I will be punished for this.”

Height/Weight: 159cm, 44kg
Origin: History
Region: France
Alignment: Chaotic-Evil
Gender: Female
One of the few members of the special Avenger Class.

Although she is called “Alter,” she is not the alternative side of Jeanne d’Arc.
Rather, she is the reflection of Gilles de Rais’ sorrow over Jeanne’s death and a being created by the Holy Grail.
As a Heroic Spirit completely opposite to Jeanne d’Arc, she materializes in this world as Avenger.

Since the original Jeanne was not a hero but a saint, it’s impossible to summon her “alternative side.”
This dark saint’s core was mixed with Gilles de Rais’s anger, prejudice, and twisted wish of how his holy maiden should behave. As a result, this impossible side of Jeanne was created.
The Dragon Witch who swore vengeance on France.
Perhaps this is the ideal holy maiden for Gilles de Rais - one who despises people’s hypocritical words of justice, and hates the fools who blindly follow those words.

Dragon Witch: EX
She was created by a certain man’s wish, and has the power to command over dragons. Perhaps this is the inverse result of the legends of dragon-slaying saints like Saint Martha and Saint Georgios.
She possesses a special kind of Charisma, one that can make dragons obey and increase overall party’s ATK.

[La Grondement Du Haine]
Rank: A+
NP Type: Anti-Army
Roar, O’Rage of Mine.
The cursed flag held by Jeanne, who descends as the dragon witch.
In the name of the Avenger, she converts her and surrounding area’s hatred into magical energy, igniting her enemy’s injustice, corruption, and hypocrisy to burn them to the marrow of their bones.
This is scary.

After many overlapping circumstances, it became possible to summon this fictional being.
Normally she treats her Master harshly, but since she’s created from the image of the saint Jeanne d’Arc, ultimately she feels some sort of admiration towards her Master.
She’s not interested in girlish hobbies, but she does seem to have some girly wishes.
According to a certain Avenger-class Servant, “in her subconscious, she wants to start an Avenger gang where she’s surrounded by many handsome guys that match her preferences.”

“O Lord, I surrender myself to you…”

"Jeanne Alter was born from the wish that Gilles de Rais made upon the grail. After Jeanne Alter drank the weird elixir that King Gilgamesh gave her Jeanne d’Arc Alter Lily was born. And when she decided to become Santa, she became Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily.

Truly, she is The Little Santa Alter!

… Someone needs to put an end to this right now."