“Thought I’d be the last to arrive. Guess I’m not so lazy after all.”
      - Blaine, KHUx

I’m high-key obsessed with Riku

ADHD is both a blessing and a curse

Current hyper-fixations

PFP - Zuko from A:TLA

Header - Blue Lions from FE:3H

Card Background - Kitty :feh_nino:

Find me in the FEH section, the Other Games section or sometimes the Lounge. I’d add DL, but that place is dead

I also play

KHUx: Union: Vulpes, ID- 1744386,
IGN- Maddie, Party- Lethal Fox (discontinued :feh_sharenacry:)

PAD: FC: 316, 450, 479 IGN: Maddie (uninstalled)

FFRK: Add it later

GBF: FC - 32841032, IGN - Maddie (inactive)

Dragalia Lost - FC- 95291905742, IGN- Maddie

FGO - 608,307,142, IGN - Maddie

PM me or @ me if you want to add me in any of these games